Elite Video

About Us

Passionate Artists

Elite Video started from a group of guys and gals who simply love what they do – capturing the best moments the world has to offer and making them look incredible.

Over the years we’ve found others around the nation with our same drive and passion to make moments happen, and are now servicing a few regions in the US with the vision and persistence to expand to new areas while continuing our focus to live on the bleeding edge of media production.

We look forward to working with you, your neighbors, your neighbor’s dog, your restaurant’s food, your wedding… hey maybe we photograph your neighbor’s dog at your wedding at your cousin’s restaurant.. who knows.. At the very least we can say that with us there will be some friendly camera folks eager to assist, smiles between friends, family and new acquaintances, and a story you can share that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call we’re ready to shoot!


Looking For Some Extra Emails? Neither Are We...

We’ll happily keep you posted about major updates and events, which we assure you, are minimal.